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1965 Ghent Flower Show

1974 Soleilmont

Lourdes - L'alignement des Voitures des Malades

1977 Europalia '77

1972 Europe – Aurora Borealis

1953 Juliana 40 C

1959 Engineering and Architecture Jablanica 20

1978 Europa Antwerp

1980 King Baudouin with B in oval

1981 150 years of Court of Auditors

1975 Paintings of Dirk Bouts

1967 150 years University of Liège

1979 Verviers Chamber of Commerce

1948 - 5 FR - FR

1979 Europe Postal History

1983 Belgian exports 10 Fr

1976 King Baudouin 20 & 30 Fr

1976 Zwemmen

1979 Telecommunication

1967 Tourism

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