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1975 THEMABELGA Exhibition 10+5

Goldmember Les Bons France Telecom

1969 Ste-Waudru church

1971 Serie Full sheets

1972 Satellite communications

1972 King Baudouin 30 Fr

1989 - 50 Fr - FR

1973 Playing Cards

1946 Min 10% edition 1,50 Fr

1978 Paul Henri Spaak

1973 Youth Philately

1965 Grand Place Brussels 1+40

1973 Aviation Pioneers

1974 Jubilee of NATO

1977 Joseph Wauters

1983 Death of Leopold III

1977 International Federation of Library Associations

1954 North-South connection in Brussels 50 Fr

1976 Europe Handicrafts

Roubaix - Saint Jean-Baptiste

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