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bruxelles le palais des beaux arts a 130 musees

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1973 Youth Philately

1975 Doctor Ferdinand Augustijn Snellaert

1965 Belgian Boerenbond

1974 Christmas

1972 King Baudouin

1982 Icon station 100 Fr Belgium

1982 Abraham Hans

1975 Int. Year of the woman

1971 Jubilee Touringclub of Belgium

1951 - 100 Fr - NL

1980 BRT 1930-1980

1967 - 5 Fr - FR

1965 Paul Hymans

1979 Emmanuel Durlet

1973 Anniversary of the Belgian broadcasting

1972 King Baudouin (Elström) 6 Fr

1974 Henry Vieuxtemps

1975 THEMABELGA 6.50+3 Fr

1976 King Baudouin 15 Fr

1971 Ontdekking van de Insuline

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