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thailand 2 baht 1986 fao f a o tailandia thailande unc thailande

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1982 Tourism Dendermonde

1973 25 years WHO

1978 Edict Perpetuel

1977 Lions International

1965 Talbot House Poperinge

1977 Saint-Hubert

1970 - 25c - FR

1978 Day of the stamp

1983 Christmas

1974 Henry Vieuxtemps

1960 World Refugee Year 3+1.50 Fr

1976 Pieter Breughel de Oude

1975 Year of the woman

1984 Montigny leTilleul

1944 King Leopold III with 'V'

1977 Rubens International Year

1972 Day Stamp Apollo 15

1965 Reptiles Varanus komodoensis

1959 - 1 Fr - FR

1978 Education Charleroi

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