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1974 Digit on heraldic lion 4 Fr

1980 - 50c - FR

1973 Federation of Belgian dealers

1971 King Baudouin Elstrom 3,50 Fr

1970 - 10 Fr - NL

1983 Tram and trolley 50 Fr

1981 Tongerlo

1974 Economic Council

1954 King Baudouin with B in oval 1,50 Fr

1973 World Day ITU

1973 Historical issue I 8+4 F

1966 Society and Technology 6

1971 Stijn Streuvels

1967 Digit on heraldic lion 10 c

1973 Lady Talbot

1977 Solidaritť

1988 Seabirds

1965 Pieter Paul Rubens

1979 Journťe du timbre

1972 William Lennox

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