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lot piece 20 piastres 1916 argent frappe medaille rare egypte

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1976 Youth and Music

1978 Day of the stamp

1965 Belgian Boerenbond

1983 Hendrik Conscience

1973 Adolphe Sax

1971 Olympic Games 7+3 F

1975 Themabelga Exhibition

1973 Tourism Chimay

1974 Digit on heraldic lion 5 c

1958 World Exhibition Brussels, Atomium 2,50 Fr

1972 King Baudouin (ElstrŲm) with "B" in oval

1972 King Baudouin 4,50 Fr

1970 Ghents FloraliŽn IV

1960 Art Crafts 1+50 c

1966 South Pole expeditions 6+3 Fr

1981 d' Artagnan et Woltje

1977 Journťe du timbre

1972 Belgica '72 Exhibition

1968 Postman of the field post

1968 Europe - Key

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