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france 50 franc 1953 etat sup france

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Symbols of Ireland

1983 Old military uniforms

1974 Economic Council

1971 Turnhout

Lourdes - Paralyse porte aux Piscines

1966 Scientific heritage IRM

1977 L'union des artistes

1972 Anniversary of the Academy of Sciences

1982 Digit on heraldic lion with B in an oval

1965 Liberation of camps 50+50 c

1975 - 25c - FR

1975 Digit on heraldic lion 5 Fr

1977 Sports 4,50 Fr

1977 Christmas

1973 King Baudouin 3 Fr

1976 Olympic Games 4,50+1,50 Fr

1974 Beffroi de Bruges

1980 Ghent flower show 6,50 Fr

1976 Remouchamps

1971 Tourism

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