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50 cent 2002 j allemagne

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1979 Brussels 979-1979 20+10 Fr

1978 CEMT

1977 As

1978 Urban Education 6 Fr

1974 Economic Council

1975 Geel La Cité charitable

1965 Reptiles 1+50 Fr

1960 Independence of Congo 10 Fr

1976 Independence USA

1981 Solidarity

1981 150 years of Court of Auditors

1971 Academy of French language and litterature

1969 Ste-Waudru church

1977 Rhumatisme

1971 Christmas

1977 Jehan Froissart

1976 Rubens 10+5 Fr

1982 Tourism Geraardsbergen

1951 Digit on heraldic lion 50 c

1967 British week 6 F

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