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50 cent 1978 frans boudewijn f d c 1951 1993 baudouin i

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Juliana 40 c

1973 Aviation Pioneers

1974 James Ensor

1984 Tielt

1965 Stoclet House 6+3 Fr

1972 King Baudouin 30 Fr

1971 Christmas

1977 Cercle royal Mars et Mercure

1960 Digit on heraldic lion 1 Fr

1973 Fireprotection at Work

1971 - 25c - FR

1975 Opening of the ScheldeRijn connection

1975 - 10 Fr - FR

1978 Solidarity 6+2 Fr

1951 General Franco 1 PTA

1959 Engineering and Architecture Jablanica 20

1975 Queen Fabiola Foundation

1975 THEMABELGA Exhibition 10+5

1980 Chiny

1958 King Baudouin 2 Fr

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