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50 bin lira 1998 turquie

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1972 King Baudouin 8 Fr + 12 Fr

1974 Digit on heraldic lion

1974 King Baudouin with B in oval 10 Fr

1980 Damme

1971 Attre

1970 Digit on heraldic lion 60 c

1978 Edict Perpetuel

1958 World Exhibition Brussels, Atomium 2,50 Fr

1978 Touristic issue Enghien

1984 Belgian exports 11 Fr

1975 First flight Brussels Kinshasa

Italia 5 Lire

1969 King Baudouin 2.50 Fr

1976 Nat. Association help mentally handicapped

1973 King Baudouin 4 Fr

1978 Olympic Games Lake Placid

1976 Cardinal Mercier

1977 Europalia

1975 Digit on heraldic lion 5 Fr

1965 Ghent Flower Show

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