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50 apaxmai grecia 1982 grece

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1966 Heraldic Lion and big 5

1960 - 1 Fr - NL

1978 Youth Philately

1978 Touristic issue Eupen

1977 Liege

1977 Europalia 77 Bundesrepublik Deutschland

1977 Coat of Arms of Hornes

1977 Afdamming van de Gileppe

1972 King Baudouin (ElstrŲm) 2.25

1973 Thermal source

1980 Youth Philately

1981 - 5 Fr - NL

1971 Notre-Dame du Vivier

1976 King Baudouin (ElstrŲm) with "B" in oval

1972 Belgica '72 Exhibition

Jeumont - Les carriŤres de Wattissart

1982 Winter Landscape 10+1 Fr

1973 Aviation Pioneers

1975 Anniversary of the University of Leuven

1979 First European Parliament Elections

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