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1991 - 1 Fr - FR

1972 Satellite communications

1977 UEFA

1985 Birds Coccothraustes

1981 King Baudouin 100 Fr

1973 Basketball World Championships for the disabled

1963 Anniversary of the postal check service

1980 Diest

1982 Science Cyclotron N.I.R.

1981 Year of people with disabilities 10+5 Fr

1973 Day of the stamp

1966 Cultural Issue 2+1 Fr

1980 Benedictus of Nursia

1969 Abbey of Aulne

1978 Day of the stamp

Racing Club de Lens

1979 St. Hermes Ronse

1973 Workers Sports Club

1980 Digit on heraldic lion and streamer

1967 King Baudouin 7 Fr Phosphorescent

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