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splendide 100 frs delalacroix de 1994 f17215 100 f 1978 1995 delacroix

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1977 Royal Circle Mars and Mercury

1973 Vlaamse automobilistenbond

1972 Solidarité

1982 St Francis of Assisi

1959 Old North Station Brussels 20 Fr

1976 Vlaams Ekonomisch Verbond

1978 Don Juan

1977 Lions International

1968 Church of Lissewege

1965 Europe Twig and Fruit

1972 King Baudouin 2,25 Fr

1984 European Parliament Elections

1976 Rubens 10+5 Fr

1980 Digit on heraldic lion and streamer 2 Fr

1976 Pieter Breughel

Télécarte France Telecom 120

1978 Europe – Monuments Antwerp

1976 Society Ardennes workhorse

1973 Playing Cards

Vivez la ville 7/8: Les livreurs 07/03

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