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Latest Products

1966 Children's Games 1+1 Fr

1947 Antarctica Expedition 1897 1.35 Fr

1973 Jubilee SABENA

1977 IFLA

1975 Colloquium Biblicum Lovaniense

1972 Satellite communications

1982 Belgica '82 17+7 Fr

1971 Ath and Ghent

1974 Serie Maximum Cards

1974 Belgian Red Cross 4+2 Fr

1974 Belgian Red Cross 10+5 Fr

1951 Digit on heraldic lion 60

1975 European Year of Architectural Heritage

1975 150 years of braille

1966 Planetarium

1975 Europa 10 Fr

1977 Rubens

Lille - Intérieur des Galeries fave de la rue Nationale

1970 Floralies of Ghent 2,50 Fr

1983 Hendrik Conscience

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